San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is foolish to rave about a virulent soul like Randy Moss

Randy Moss is an unstable grenade.

San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh yesterday told SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Rich Gannon that mercurial five-time All-Pro Randy Moss is currently the 49ers best wide receiver.

“This offseason he’s been incredible. He’s our best receiver right now,” said Harbaugh, 48, the 2011 AP NFL Coach of the Year. “How ’bout that, ‘He’s our best receiver.’”

Moss, 35, the owner of the NFL single season touchdown reception record with 23 in 2007, was a spectacular talent on the gridiron.

Unfortunately for San Francisco, Moss, who inked a one-year contract with the 49ers in March, is also a virulent soul whose mere presence can decimate an entire franchise.

The temperamental superstar has amassed 954 catches for 14,858 yards and 153 touchdowns since making his debut with the Minnesota Vikings in 1998.

There is no question that Moss, who has essentially been fired on five occasions by four teams, can boost an offense and better a unit when in a proper mindset and not behaving like a batshit loon.

However, the former standout at Marshall University is also the same lazy moron that once shamelessly proclaimed, “I play when I want to play.”

Perhaps Moss, a six-four, 210 pound freakish athlete with blazing speed and sure hands, indeed remains a more prolific threat than Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn and Kyle Williams.

Nevertheless, it is unwise, and the opposite of “straight cash, homey,” for Jim Harbaugh to praise a man programmed like Moss.

In the pointless month of July, Randy Moss is the San Francisco 49ers “best receiver right now” and that’s it.

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