Santonio Holmes won’t return to the NFL until a player gets injured

Holmes crashed in East Rutherford as a Jet.

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, unrestricted free agent Santonio Holmes won’t be pursued until a player sustains an injury in training camp.

The 30-year-old Holmes has been unemployed since getting clipped by the New York Jets on March 10.

Gang Green pocketed $8.25 million by axing the retired Florida drug peddler three days before he was due a $1 million roster bonus.

Holmes, a cocky and belligerent diva who can’t be trusted on the gridiron or in the streets, has battled foot and hamstring issues since roughly the George W. Bush administration.

After missing all of last offseason’s workouts, Holmes compiled a substandard 23 catches for 456 yards and one touchdown over 11 games in 2013.

In addition to being a dramatically overrated playmaker, Holmes possesses zero leadership qualities and only distracted Gang Green.

Despite having a dearth of weapons and finishing with the league’s 29th ranked offense, New York didn’t need a man like Holmes polluting their huddle.

As a unit, regardless of what occurs this autumn in the swamps of Jersey, the Jets’ organization is better without Holmes.

Individually, now fired by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets, Santonio Holmes will struggle to secure another NFL paycheck.

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