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Matt Simms couldn’t scrub Geno Smith’s jockstrap.

Rookie quarterback Geno Smith starred in the New York Jets’ 30-28 triumph over the Falcons on Monday night in Atlanta.

The 22-year-old Smith finished with three touchdowns, against no picks, for 199 yards.

After sodomizing the dog in Tennessee, Smith admirably rebounded and removed asinine thoughts about promoting inexperienced backup Matt Simms.

Chosen 39th overall out of West Virginia, the youngster suffered an ankle injury in August and performed unevenly throughout the preseason and September.

Still, the 6-foot-3, 221 pound Smith was named New York’s starter and has since thrown seven scores, against eight interceptions, for 1,289 yards over five contests.

Once projected to commit 44 turnovers, Smith was virtually flawless in “Hotlanta” and has now completed 60.3% of his 156 attempts.

New York has surprised many critics and is currently sitting only one game behind the New England Patriots (4-1) in the AFC East.

Granted, backed by an overpowering front seven, Smith had certainly been the Jets’ primary handicap.

Regardless, rather than using an undrafted free agent out of Tennessee, Gang Green wisely stuck with the truly promising Smith.

The former Mountaineer needs to improve his footwork and become competent taking snaps under center.

However, an accurate passer with precise touch on the pigskin, Smith has an enormous upside.

For both the present and future, Smith is the premier option to fly the Jets in East Rutherford.

With the winless Steelers (0-4) visiting the swamps of Jersey this weekend, Smith and Gang Green should continue to prosper.

Incidentally, it’s also safe to proclaim that Geno Smith is a better signal-caller than the immortal Matt Simms.

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