Still denying problems with alcohol, Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon recently had groin surgery

Justin Blackmon’s groin should be the least of his concerns.

Although the exact date of the procedure hasn’t been reported, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon recently underwent groin surgery.

Suspended four games for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy in April, the 23-year-old Blackmon may be unable to start training camp on time.

Banned until Jacksonville meets the Rams in St. Louis on October 6, the 6-foot-1, 207 pound Blackmon will be replaced by the immortal Mohamed Massaquoi.

Taken by the Jaguars out of Oklahoma State University fifth overall in the 2012 draft, an utterly shitfaced Blackmon was charged with aggravated driving under the influence last June.

The native Oklahoman was previously pinched in 2010 on a misdemeanor DUI complaint in Dallas, Texas.

Among the most anemic offensive teams in the league, Blackmon was coveted by Jacksonville as a speedster capable of spreading the field and moving the chains.

Regardless of Blackmon’s athletic abilities and feel for the position, it is evident that the troubled kid has serious problems with firewater.

Hopefully, without being on the gridiron, the former Cowboy will manage to avoid trouble and focus on rehabbing.

Removed from a 2-14 record, the Jaguars need Blackmon to physically, mentally and emotionally heal before they can rely on the tipsy scofflaw.

Entirely dismissing the injury, Justin Blackmon must seek clinical help or he’ll drown in “The River City.”

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