Suffering another ankle injury in Friday’s Game 3 loss, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry will soon be a gimp on the hardwood

Stephen Curry will never be entirely healthy.

Suffering a sprained left ankle in the fourth quarter of Friday’s Game 3 loss, Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson said electric guard Stephen Curry will be a game-time decision tomorrow in Oakland.

Averaging 25.3 points, 4.0 boards and 8.8 dishes over nine playoff games, the 25-year-old Curry is receiving treatment for the injury and should compete in Game 4.

Although hobbled, the 6-foot-3, 185 pound Curry has balls the size of The Bay and almost individually gives Golden State a slight chance to upset the dominant San Antonio Spurs.

Ultimately, even with the league’s best shooter, the Warriors will fall to San Antonio in “The Town.”

Even more unfortunately for Warriors fans, it’s readily evident that Curry will be a middling gimp with busted joints by the time the Warriors cross the Bay and return to San Francisco in 2017.

Inking a four-year contract extension worth $44 million with Golden State last summer, Curry’s ankles will always act as kryptonite.

An artist on the hardwood with ample skills, Stephen Curry will be forced to retire prematurely in “The Paris of the West.”

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