Taking Charles Barkley’s advice, the Philadelphia 76ers should not offer ‘Andrew Bynum any money’


A legitimate badass, Charles Barkley surely elbowed Michael Jordan next.

Philadelphia legend Charles Barkley wisely advised the 76ers to clip unlikable center Andrew Bynum in the offseason.

The 7-foot, 285 pound Bynum, a snatch who landed in Philly (24-40) as part of a four-team, 12-player deal in August, recently underwent an MRI that revealed he has a degenerative knee condition.

“They are in a dilemma now,” said Barkley, 50, who the 76ers took out of Auburn University with the fifth pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. “I wouldn’t give Andrew Bynum any money if I’m running the team. I’m not going to take that chance.”

Barkley, an 11-time All-Star who was employed by Philadelphia from 1984-1992, would only consider inking the 25-year-old Bynum to a pact without any guarantees.

“I’m not going to give a guy that is already hurt money unless they can work out an incentive-laden contract,” said Barkley, the earner of the 1993 Most Valuable Player award. “I’m not giving $15-$20 million a year for a guy who hasn’t played all year. You are eating up valuable salary cap if you give him a long-term deal.”

Like batshit crazy loons, Philadelphia’s suits remain hopeful that Bynum, chosen as a member of the All-NBA Second Team last season after averaging 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds in 60 games, will compete on the hardwood this spring.

It is evident that Bynum is a legitimate, and superior, force in the paint when happy and mobile.

Unfortunately, even in a shrunken league where the invaluable center position is nearing extinction, Bynum is useless because he will forever hobble like Ozzy Osbourne on high-proof bourbon.

With Philadelphia DA Seth Williams playfully threatening a grand jury investigation into the 76ers’ red-headed stepchild, Bynum is a loathed man in “The City of Brotherly Love.”

Heeding Charles Barkley’s wisdom, 76ers general manager Tony DiLeo should not offer “Andrew Bynum any money.”

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