Terrell Owens, the epitome of a loser, could soon be a jailbird


Terrell Owens is a great athlete and an amazing scumbag.

Detestable, and unemployed, wide receiver Terrell Owens is $20,000 behind child support payments for his seven-year-old daughter and Judge John Goger threatened to throw the deadbeat behind bars if he misses a rescheduled July 19 hearing at the Fulton County Courtroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

The lawyer for the mother of Owens’ girl said the obnoxious athlete has forced Melanie Smith to file numerous lawsuits over the past year.

“It’s a tragedy, not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year,” said Smith’s attorney Randy Kessler. “We are hoping next week the case will come to a resolution and Mr. Owens will pay and pay every month.”

The native of Alabama, a worthless statistics compiler with zero concept of the world “team,” was released in May by the Allen Wranglers of the second-rate Indoor Football League.

Owens, 38, a five-time All-Pro selection and member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team, was terminated after refusing to commit to playing in two crucial road games that had playoff implications.

The reprehensible diva, who couldn’t muster time to appear at a local children’s hospital in “The Lone Star State” prior to being fired, was also stripped of his ownership stake in the iconic Wranglers of Allen, Texas.

Owens, who has now alienated six franchises since the San Francisco 49ers regrettably took him out of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with the 89th pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, was axed for a “lack of effort both on and off the field.”

Delusional pundits claim the admirer of hydrocodone hasn’t been offered an NFL contract due to a torn ACL he suffered in April 2011.

In actuality, Owens, who has caught an astounding 1,078 passes for 153 touchdowns, is jobless because he is one of the most unlikable prima donnas in the annals of sports.

To list a few incidents, the dismissed Wrangler once implied Jeff Garcia was gay, incessantly badmouthed former teammate Donovan McNabb, and spit in the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Unsurprisingly, Terrell Owens, “a tragedy” of a man, is now near being removed from society.

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