The Miami Dolphins are wisely ready to part with Reggie Bush in favor of Lamar Miller

Although almost a memory on both counts, Reggie Bush had fun as a Dolphin and in the bedroom with Kim Kardashian.

Much to the chagrin of the wannabe Heisman Trophy winner, the Palm Beach Post reports the Miami Dolphins intend to fire running back Reggie Bush in favor of youngster Lamar Miller.

The 27-year-old Bush, who the New Orleans Saints took out of the University of Southern California with the second pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, “badly” wants to return to Miami and is apparently confused why the Dolphins haven’t made a contract offer.

Bush, a 6-foot, 203 pound electrifier, who counts former WWE Diva Eve Torres and impure strumpet Kim Kardashian among his countless sexual conquests, was a 2008 All-Pro who averaged 4.3 yards per carry and rushed for 986 yards and six touchdowns this past autumn.

Unfortunately for the diverse backfield presence, who has also compiled 2,730 yards and 15 scores as a receiver, Bush is brittle and getting a tad gray by NFL age standards.

Hence Miami’s willingness to clip Bush and employ the 5-foot-10, 218 pound Miller as their permanent featured back.

The 21-year-old Miller, a second-team All-ACC runner in 2011 who the Dolphins chose out of the University of Miami with the 97th pick in the 2012 draft, gained 250 yards on a mere 51 attempts last season and the former Hurricane clearly has potential to become an every down player.

Most importantly, the 7-9 Dolphins remain a middling franchise that hasn’t truly contended for a title since the Reagan Administration.

Miami is, at a minimum, a couple of years away from even competing for a Vince Lombardi Championship Trophy and, at that point, Bush will be a shopworn 30-year-old.

Considering 30 is the unofficial expiration date for runners, Bush can only be deemed irrelevant.

Therefore, Miami would be wise to toss the used Trojan and gamble with the fresher, and cheaper, Lamar Miller.

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