The Nets look better today in Brooklyn than they did yesterday in Newark, Governor Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Tuesday that he doesn’t care that the Nets are vacating “The Garden State” to play at the Barclays Center in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City starting this autumn.

“They want to leave here and go to Brooklyn? Good riddance,” said Christie, 49, a Republican who became the 55th Governor of New Jersey when he assumed office in January 2010.

“(The Prudential Center is) one of the most beautiful arenas in America they have a chance to play in, it’s in one of the country’s most vibrant cities, and they want to leave here and go to Brooklyn? You don’t want to stay, we don’t want you.”

Christie, who was born in scenic Newark, believes another team will consider relocating to New Jersey.

“I think there’ll be some other NBA team who may be looking to relocate and they might look at that arena and the fan base in the New Jersey and New York area and say, ‘This is an opportunity to increase our fan base and try something different.’”

The Nets, founded in 1967 in Teaneck, New Jersey as the Americans, an original member of the American Basketball Association (ABA), have been largely unsuccessful nomads since their inception.

The organization, which compiled a paltry mark of 1,186-1,634 (.421) playing in “The Garden State,” has aimlessly wandered from Long Island to one New Jersey slum after another.

The Nets have seemingly forever been the red-headed stepchildren of the New York Metropolitan Area behind the more glamorous Knicks franchise and a change was imperative.

The most populous of Gotham’s five boroughs has not housed a professional sports team since Walter O’Malley sandbagged loyal Brooklynite’s and moved the Dodgers to Los Angeles in September 1957.

The Barclays Center
is ideally located in one of the most transit-friendly sections of the city and the Nets will benefit from saying “good riddance” to Jersey and Christie.

The hefty Christie sounds small and jealous by belittling Brooklyn and one truly must wonder if the governor is under the influence of angel dust to describe Newark as “one of the country’s most vibrant cities.”

The Brooklyn Nets will never outdo Manhattan and the Knicks.

Regardless, “this is an opportunity” for the Nets to “try something different” and win the heart of Brooklyn and its many residents.

The Nets simply look better today in Brooklyn than they did yesterday in Newark and Governor Chris Christie can chew on that obvious realization.

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4 Responses to The Nets look better today in Brooklyn than they did yesterday in Newark, Governor Christie

  1. styxnstones says:

    Jersey sucks. Always did. Always will. Its just what Jersey does … suck. The only two good things about Jersey are Frank Sinatra who moved out and never returned and Jersey’s obese governor, the only thing bigger than his fat ass is his mouth.

  2. Richard DeGroote says:

    Red headed stepchild? C’mon man!!!

    • Colin says:

      Hahahaha…Sorry, Brielle brother…At least you aren’t a step-child…So, it really doesn’t apply to you…Hope you are well and ready to make some great $$$ at the beach this summer!

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