The only person who cried for the sinister Joe Paterno was himself before death

If hell does exist, Jerry Sandusky will meet Joe Paterno down there one day.

Renowned sportswriter Joe Posnanski wrote in an upcoming biography that immoral Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno “sobbed uncontrollably” after being terminated by Penn State University last November, according to an excerpt of “Paterno” published in GQ.

“On Thursday, Paterno met with his coaches at his house. He sobbed uncontrollably. This was his bad day. Later, one of his former captains, Brandon Short, stopped by the house. When Brandon asked, “How are you doing, Coach?” Paterno answered, “I’m okay,” but the last syllable was shaky, muffled by crying, and then he broke down and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.” Nobody knew how to handle such emotion. Joe had always seemed invulnerable. On Thursday, though, he cried continually.”

Paterno, a five-time AFCA Coach of the Year who died at the age of 85 due to complications from lung cancer on January 22, went an astounding 409–136–3 coaching the navy, blue and white from 1966 until 2011.

Unfortunately, despite his success on the gridiron, Paterno proved to be one of the more villainous and reprehensible individuals in the history of sports.

The bespectacled Brooklynite clearly enabled sinister defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to sexually abuse children and it’s unforgivable that Paterno would protect a pedophile to maintain Penn State’s sparkling image.

Although the previously most victorious college football coach ever did not personally rape kids, the graduate of Brown University was smart enough to know he was teaming with a notorious predator.

Posnanski reported that Paterno’s son, Scott, was one of the first individuals to grasp the immense magnitude of the scandal.

“Scott Paterno was the first in the family to understand that the Pennsylvania grand jury presentment that indicted Jerry Sandusky could end his father’s career. This wasn’t surprising; Scott tended to be the most realistic—or cynical, depending on who you asked—in the family. He had run for Congress and lost and along the way tasted the allure and nastiness of public life. He had worked as a lawyer and as a lobbyist. He would sometimes tell people, “Hey, don’t kid yourself, I’m the asshole of the family.” When Scott read the presentment, he called his father and said, “Dad, you have to face the possibility that you will never coach another game.”

It is imperative to realize that Joe Paterno “sobbed uncontrollably” in response to being axed and he wasn’t rendered to tears thinking about Jerry Sandusky’s victims.

Following an absolutely horrifying series of crimes that caused unspeakable misery, at least it was proven that Saint Joe wasn’t “invulnerable” and the evildoer passed as the “asshole of the family.”

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3 Responses to The only person who cried for the sinister Joe Paterno was himself before death

  1. SDWJM says:

    Must be like you—-the asshole of the writers.

  2. Kelly Schmader says:

    Villainous? Reprehensible?? Strong words considering there is far, far less than any sort of solid proof, and completely dismisses the great things Paterno did for the university and his hundreds of graduating football players. He was no saint, as the sketchy evidence suggests, but he was no villain, and he was certainly not reprehensible. Who is this Colin bozo anyway?? Colin is an opinionated gas bag and a total joke to journalism.

  3. Brian says:


    Just read your garbage you call journalism! Paterno could of did more no doubt, but headhunting is all reporters do! They go after the big name and often times fail to write average articles about the real villain behind things!

    At the end of the day, you right sports articles, you have an opinion which is fine, but it doesn’t make you smart.

    Were you at Paterno’s house or did you have constant tabs on him to prove your claim he didn’t cry about the victims?

    Sports writer….wow!

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