The Texas Rangers will not promote dimwitted juicehead Manny Ramirez immediately after the All-Star break

Manny Ramirez will quickly learn not to mess with Texas.

Despite performing well with the team’s Triple-A affiliate, dimwitted juicehead Manny Ramirez will not become a Texas Ranger immediately after the All-Star break.

Inking a minor league deal on July 3, the 41-year-old Ramirez is batting .300 with three homers and six RBI over eight games with Triple-A Round Rock.

A nine-time Silver Slugger Award winner who amassed 555 dingers, 2,574 hits and 1,831 RBI over 18 seasons, the 6-foot, 225 pound Dominican-American can still produce at the plate.

With Texas sitting at 54-41 and battling the Oakland Athletics for supremacy in the American League West, the Rangers were wise to gamble on Ramirez.

Employed by six organizations since premiering as a Cleveland Indian in September 1993, the 12-time All-Star with a 24th chromosome has zero leverage and won’t be able to disrupt Texas.

Eventually, a “Manny being Manny” situation will occur and the Rangers will clip Ramirez without any ramifications.

Once axed by Texas, one of the primary mugs of the Steroid Era will never again receive a MLB paycheck.

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