Timothy Bradley says Manny Pacquiao is ‘scared’ to fight him again


Manny Pacquiao badly outclassed Timothy Bradley in their first bout.

WBO light welterweight champion “Desert Storm” Timothy Bradley
is becoming increasingly impatient with Manny Pacquiao as the Filipino icon mulls who to scrap on November 10 at a venue to be determined.

The bombastic CEO of Top Rank, Bob Arum, traveled to the Philippines last week to discuss with Pacquiao if he should throw fists with Bradley (29-0-01, 12 Kos), WBA, WBO and The Ring lightweight royalty Juan Manuel Marquez or powerful Puerto Rican icon Miguel Cotto.

Bradley unwittingly stole Pacquiao’s belt when criminally incompetent judges handed him a split decision in June at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Roger “Pit” Perron is a venerable boxing trainer from Brockton (Mass.) who now works with Mike and Rich Cappiello at their gym, Cappiello Brothers Boxing and Training.

“The fight was an absolute disgrace,” said Perron, 75, who worked in the 1980s with International Boxing Hall of Famer Marvelous Marvin Hagler at the Petronelli Brothers Gym. “Corrupt officials and decisions like this one are destroying boxing.”

Despite the incompetent scoring by a trio of dimwits, Bradley, who is presently rated by Ring Magazine as the eighth pound-for-pound pugilist in the world, showed heart and grit by managing to continue fighting with a fractured left foot and severely sprained right ankle he suffered during the bout.

“To be honest with you, I think a lot of people on that side are scared,” said Bradley, 28, a former two-time light welterweight titlist who in the past trumped solid prizefighters Lamont Peterson and Devon Alexander. “He couldn’t knock me out with two peg legs [Bradley injured both during the Pacquiao fight]. Me healthy, I’m going to beat him worse.”

Arum, a corruptible weasel who acknowledged during a 2000 federal trial that he bribed the International Boxing Federation (IBF) to attain a higher ranking for one of his pugilists, has long claimed making a rematch between Bradley and Pacquiao would be difficult to sell to the public due to the initial travesty.

“If Manny wants to do it, let’s do it. It’s been a circus around here,” said Bradley. “I’ve been sitting around here waiting. I want the fight, but he hasn’t decided yet.”

As evidenced by his paltry knockout percentage, Bradley has feathery fists and wasn’t physically capable of damaging “The Fighting Pride of the Philippines” when they fought for 36-minutes.

In stark contrast to the slightly above-average Bradley, the 33-year-old Pacquiao, voted “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2000s by the BWAA, is blessed with superior hand-speed, accuracy and punching power and his footwork is utterly elite.

Ultimately, rather than again face Cotto (37-3, 30 KOs) or Bradley, expect Manny Pacquiao to fight Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1, 39 KOs) for a fourth time and finally emerge definitively victorious in either Las Vegas or Mexico City this autumn.

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One Response to Timothy Bradley says Manny Pacquiao is ‘scared’ to fight him again

  1. Adam Ant says:

    Bradley couldn’t hurt my pet gerbil if they fought .That Idiot didn’t win anything the point being Manny was leaving Arum for Golden Boy as the fighters with them make larger percentages of the purse they also have a program to help retired and handicapped older fighters who have been disabled by the fights and the unscrupulous Promoters over the years. Boxing needs to clean house Jose Sulemien has been the head of the WBC for over 40 years and what is he just a thief taking a cut. They just about got rid of Don King who after what he did to Tyson and Holyfield and Bowe’s money should be in jail Arum is the same piece of shit like the others . They need to let ex fighters like Teddy Atlas and Holyfield etc. who are intelligent people run the boxing councils and oh yeah do away with the 8 organizations and make it one like it was a long time ago and then the champ had to face all top 10 contenders at some point its the way it should be The Champ is the Man who beat the man who beat the Champ before him that’s what made boxing great in the older years. Arum and Bradley paid for that decision and Manny won’t even recognize him a lot of todays boxers are treating Bradley like Margarito he has a pox and it will shadow his career forever. Shut up Tim before someone does to you what they did to Antonio and now he looks like a fool be careful what you wish for I think if Manny decides to fight you it will not go 5 rounds but he will punish you really bad maybe damage an eye so you cannot box anymore. You don’t have the power to keep him off you it was evident in that travesty of a fight before . Manny knowing this will beat you senseless for your ignorant behavior.

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