Tommie Frazier is the best NCAA QB ever and the Hall of Fame is a joke if he’s not soon in it

Legendary University of Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier was finally placed on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

The winners of the ballot, which includes 76 players and eight coaches, will formally be announced on May 15 and the chosen elite will officially become enshrined on December 4 in South Bend, Indiana.

Despite having finalized his collegiate career on the gridiron sixteen years ago in 1996, the most indomitable signal-caller of the modern era will be forever immortalized more than a decade too late.

Frazier, who went 33-3 as a starter and led the Huskers to consecutive national championships in 1994 and 1995, was chosen in 1999 by Sports Illustrated as a reserve quarterback for their “NCAA Football All-Century Team.”

Tommie Frazier is the greatest college quarterback ever.

The iconic option playmaker, who rushed for 2,286 yards and 36 touchdowns and tossed 47 additional scores through the air, was ranked the 33rd greatest college player in history in a 2004 list unveiled by voted the 1995 Huskers the preeminent football team to ever grace the college ranks in a poll conducted in 2006.

Nebraska (12-0-0) utterly demolished the Florida Gators (12-1-0) 62-24 in the Fiesta Bowl to capture the crown that year.

Frazier, who finished the title game with 199 yards on 16 carries, justifiably earned Most Valuable Player honors for his absolute brilliance against the vaunted defense of the Gators.

Fittingly, Frazier was clearly the most outstanding ballplayer on the most heralded squad in the annals of college football.

If Tommie Frazier is not giving an acceptance speech this autumn, the College Football Hall of Fame will plummet in stature and become the saddest joke in the world of sports today.

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