Vitali Klitschko refuses to fight Evander Holyfield

Rather than challenging Vitali Klitschko, Evander Holyfield should keep doing photo shoots with women like Heidi Klum.

WBC heavyweight titlist “Dr. Iron Fist” Vitali Klitschko mercifully continues to deny shopworn past four-time heavyweight titleholder Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield’s persistent requests to meet in the squared circle.

Klitschko (44-2, 40 KOs), the owner of the second-highest heavyweight knockout percentage in history (86.9%), will defend his belt against “Diamond Boy” Manuel Charr on September 8 in front of 30,000 spectators at Olympisky Sport Hall in Moscow, Russia.

Conversely, the 49-year-old Holyfield (44-10-2, 29 KOs), who has been defeated in five of his last 12 bouts, hasn’t stepped into the ring since earning a 10th round TKO victory over Denmark’s Brian Nielsen in July 2011.

“Many, many times Holyfield has said that he wants to fight with me or my brother – but I refuse to go against him in the ring. He is my idol. I can’t do it for any amount of money,” said Klitschko, 41, a former mayoral candidate in his native of Ukraine who is 14-2 in world title fights.

“Dr. Iron Fist,” the capturer of a silver medal as a super heavyweight at the 1995 World Amateur Championships in Berlin, has not been overcome since Lennox Lewis escaped winning an extremely controversial sixth round TKO victory in June 2003.

Holyfield, also an erstwhile cruiserweight champ who won a bronze medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, is utterly delusional to believe he can become a five-time heavyweight champ before hanging-up his gloves.

“The Real Deal” is a warrior who deserves to be remembered as the legendary pugilist he was during his heyday.

Sadly, Holyfield has zero concern for his health and the geriatric steadfastly refuses to retire and move into Del Boca Vista.

“Evander is a classic case of not letting go,” said Ed LaVache, the owner of the Boston Boxing Club in Allston. “For a lot of these guys, boxing is all they know and it’s the only way for them to make money. So, they keep fighting until the fight is lost in them.”

Thankfully, rather than badly battering Evander Holyfield, who was banned from boxing in August 2005 by the New York State Athletic Commission due to his “diminishing skills,” Vitali Klitschko won’t physically hurt the “Real Deal” for “any amount of money.”

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