Willingly accepting less money, Patriots legend Tom Brady again proves to be the preeminent professional in athletics today


Yes, this freaking guy is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Regardless of reports to the contrary, Patriots legend Tom Brady willingly accepted a significant pay cut and will earn a discounted $60 million over the next five years to provide New England with a massive amount of salary cap relief.

The 6-foot-4, 225 pound Brady, whose restructured deal gives New England $15 million in cap space to ink the free agents they covet, will likely be under center as a Patriot until at least the 2017 season.

A procreator with the “Boobs from Brazil,” Brady, who has thrown 334 touchdowns, against 123 interceptions, for 44,806 yards in 177 games since debuting in 2000, will be underpaid in 2013 and net nowhere near the amount that even pedestrian passers will by 2015.

The 35-year-old Brady, stolen by New England with the 199th pick in the 2000 draft out of the University of Michigan, has won 17 playoff contests to become the winningest signal-caller in postseason history.

Regardless of past achievements, Brady hasn’t led New England to a title since the 2004 campaign and the underachieving Patriots again banged the pooch when they kneeled to the tougher Baltimore Ravens 28-13 in the AFC Championship Game in January.

A member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team, the overlooked Wolverine, a two-time Super Bowl MVP who was chosen by the Montreal Expos as a catcher in the 1995 MLB Draft, again proved to be the most indispensable player in the annals of the sport with his generosity and prudence.

In an insatiably greedy world, Brady is the preeminent performer, and professional, in athletics today.

Thanks to Tom Brady’s actions off the gridiron, the New England Patriots will remain an organizational juggernaut well into the foreseeable future.

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