With Dwight Howard reportedly healed and dominating practice activities, it’s hard to envision that the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers won’t become one of the greatest teams ever assembled


A healthy Dwight Howard will make the Lakers virtually unbeatable.

Roughly five months after undergoing outpatient surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard reportedly thrived participating in drills and activities during his first practice of the season on Tuesday.

Los Angeles landed the 26-year-old Howard, who the Orlando Magic took out of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy first overall in the 2004 draft, as part of a four-team, 12-player deal in August.

The 6-foot-11, 265 pound Howard, a five-time member of the All-NBA First Team and three-time earner of the Defensive Player of the Year, should be fully healed and “unbelievable” when the Lakers open the regular season against the Clippers on November 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“He was dunking everything in sight,” said a source who watched Howard practice. “He looks like he can play in an NBA game today.”

A vintage Howard, not one walking like a glorified version of Quasimodo, easily gives Los Angeles the preeminent squad in the league.

The six-time All-Star, an otherworldly force in the paint, with his size, athleticism and skills, is a spectacular rarity in today’s shrunken NBA.

Prior to acquiring Howard, a devout churchgoer who is an absolute prick, the Lakers jumpstarted their offseason by attaining Steve Nash, a two-time Most Valuable Player award winner, in a sign-and-trade with Phoenix in July.

Despite weathering a tad at 38, Nash, a three-time All-NBA First Teamer, is still an extremely capable ballplayer who averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 assists per game last season.

Teaming Nash and Howard with iconic shooting guard Kobe Bryant, four-time All-Star Pau Gasol and batshit crazy 2004 Defensive Player of the Year Metta World Peace will prove to be too much for any team to overcome.

Granted, the Lakers essentially amount to a talented collection of geriatrics and will somewhat resemble The Golden Girls in high tops.

However, barring a rash of injuries, Los Angeles’ tremendous playmakers and enormous size advantages should compensate for their graying.

Further concerning for opponents, the Lakers have a solid bench featuring two-time All-Star power forward Antawn Jamison.

At 36, the 6-foot-9, 235 pound Jamison averaged 17.2 points and 6.3 rebounds in 65 games with the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers last year.

From afar, at this juncture, the Miami Heat, Oklahoma Thunder, Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are entirely outmanned in comparison to Los Angeles.

Hence, the 2012-2013 Lakers will overwhelm teams and ultimately dominant like no other franchise has since their own 1999-2000 unit that triumphed in 82 of the 105 games they played in for the 11th best winning percentage (.780) in league history.

The truly villainous “Superman,” who will be “dunking everything in sight,” is the final piece to help muscle the Los Angeles Lakers to their 18th Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy next June in Tinseltown.

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