Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol Fight Purse, Date, Time, Payouts, and PPV Price

Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol Fight Purse, Date, Time, Payouts, and PPV Price

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The most risky and fearsome fighter Canelo Alvarez is showing up in 2022 against the Russian most needed warrior Dmitry Bivol. The two players are the most sizzling fighters and hold astounding records of winning. Here you will know the Canelo versus Bivol Purse, Payout, and PPV cost.

Both Alvarez and Bivol will bring in an attractive measure of cash from the battle. The all out tote of the battle is $17 Million. PPV cost will acquire around $35 to $37. Alvarez will get 70% of the offer while Bivol will acquire 30% of the offer. However Bivol will procure 30% of the offer, it will be his greatest acquiring in his vocation.

How much will Dmitry Bivol earn against Canelo?

Bivol is raising a star fighter from Russia. He has previously demonstrated his value and capacity to challenge the top-class contenders on the planet. Bivol holds an unbeaten record of 19 successes. He will anticipate keeping his record against Canelo as well. Also, it will be the greatest test in Bivol’s profession till now.

Bivol come to battle Canelo Alvarez on the paid ensured satchel of $2 Million. He will get 30% of the PPV share from the battle. Mathematicians propose that including PPV share, Bivol’s complete income against Canelo’s battle will be around $3.5 to $4 Million.

As the battle is the greatest battle of Bivol’s vocation, this battle will likewise acquire the greatest income Bivol’s profession till now. He Mostly gets compensated around $500K for the surefire tote. He procures around this figure while battling against Craig Richards and Umar Salamov.

How much Canelo Alvarez will earn against Bivol?

Caleno Alvarez is one of the most renowned fighters in the entire world. He has an immense involvement with boxing. He adds up to played 60 matches in his profession. Canelo is battling in the boxing ring for quite a long time and lost just a single session in his whole vocation. It was in 2013, and Floyd Mayweather kept a scar on Alvarez’s profession.

Canelo has contact with DAZN. This made him one of the most generously compensated fighters and competitors in the entire world. He will get $15 Million as paid ensured handbag. Canelo will bring in a tremendous measure of cash from PPV shares as well. He holds the 70% of PPV share. The amount of Alvarez’s pay from the Bivol battle will be around $40 Million.

Alvarez recently brought in a lot of cash from his battle against Caleb Plant, Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith. He then, at that point, acquired around $35 million.

Canelo vs. Bivol PPV Price:

DAZN is the official broadcaster of the event. They hold the rights of PPV. To watch the fight fans will have to buy PPV from DAZN. The fight of Canelo vs Bivol will cost $59.99 for this fight and $79.99 for the new subscription holders.

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