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Manuel Flores vs. Franklin Gonzalez: A Memorable Lightweight Bout

Manuel Flores vs. Franklin Gonzalez was a professional boxing match that took place on July 23, 2005, at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada. The fight was a scheduled ten-round lightweight bout and was part of the undercard for the main event between Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo.

Manuel “Mantecas” Flores, a Mexican boxer with a record of 19 wins and 8 losses, was looking to bounce back from a loss in his previous fight and establish himself as a contender in the lightweight division. Franklin Gonzalez, a Venezuelan boxer with a record of 14 wins and 3 losses, was also looking to make a name for himself and move up the ranks.

The fight started off evenly, with both fighters exchanging blows and trading punches. Flores appeared to have the edge in the early rounds, landing more clean shots and appearing to be the more active fighter. However, Gonzalez began to turn the tide in the middle rounds, using his reach and height advantage to keep Flores at bay and land some hard shots of his own.

As the fight entered the later rounds, both fighters began to show signs of fatigue, with Flores looking particularly winded. Gonzalez continued to press the action and landed some clean shots that staggered Flores, but the Mexican fighter managed to stay on his feet.

In the end, the judges scored the fight in favor of Franklin Gonzalez, with scores of 97-93, 96-94, and 95-94. The decision was met with some controversy, with many fans and commentators feeling that Flores had done enough to win the fight.

Despite the loss, Manuel Flores continued to fight professionally for several more years, amassing a record of 23 wins and 11 losses before retiring in 2010. Franklin Gonzalez, on the other hand, fought only one more time after the Flores fight, losing to Fernando Beltran Jr. in 2007 and retiring with a record of 14 wins and 4 losses.

In the end, the Flores vs. Gonzalez fight may not have been a major event in the world of boxing, but it was a memorable clash between two hungry fighters looking to make a name for themselves. The controversial decision only added to the drama of the fight and gave fans plenty to debate in the aftermath.

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