Teddy Atlas: Not Only Has Teofimo Lopez Not Progressed, He’s Regressed

Teddy Atlas: Not Only Has Teofimo Lopez Not Progressed, He’s Regressed

The popular mentor and Corridor of Distinction telecaster as of late voiced a feeling that is by all accounts filling in the boxing scene, and that will be that Lopez, a previous bound together lightweight hero, has not appeared to be identical since his upset misfortune to George Kambosos Jr. in November 2021.

Question marks, without a doubt, flourished following Lopez’s last execution, an extreme split choice success over Sandor Martin half a month prior at Madison Square Nursery in New York City. Lopez couldn’t mount a steady offense against the cagey Spaniard and, surprisingly, got himself momentarily on the material at one point from the get-go in the battle. While the decision might not have been in any uncertainty — some, regardless, generally disapproved of judge Pasquale Procopio, who turned in an awkwardly wide scorecard of 97-92 for Lopez — few would agree that that they were dazzled by Lopez’s most recent excursion.

Map book himself got straight to the point in his evaluation of the 25-year-old local of Brooklyn.

“Not just has Lopez not advanced, he’s relapsed,” Map book said on his web recording The Battle with Teddy Map book. “He sits idle. You going to believe I’m being extreme. No, I’m tell the truth. On the off chance that he were a baseball player, he’d back to hitting from the tee. Truly. Truly. I’m not kidding. He didn’t show anything.

“He pushed his punch the entire evening, he ventures into counters. Assuming that anyone of any knowledge of this game was in his corner … there’s only one thing I expected to tell Lopez. Tune in, the entire evening, each opportunity you come in, he’s not there. He ventures out and makes you miss.

Map book had a couple of useful tidbits for Lopez.

“Bluff, bluff,” Map book said. “Behave like you will come in. Inspire him to make that step out rashly. Furthermore, arrive behind a snapping not a pushing poke and get him. What’s more, close the hole and get him.”

“No one instructed him that. No one to let him know that. Who will let him know that, and all the more significantly who will instruct him that in the exercise center. No one. No one.”

Chart book proposed that Lopez needs to track down another coach yet understands that is genuinely laden given that Lopez’s mentor is likewise his dad, the frequently riotous Teofimo Lopez Sr.

“This youngster’s separated from everyone else,” Chart book said. “You looking at being separated from everyone else in the ring. At the point when you get in that ring he’s truly alone. Furthermore, you understand what there’ a piece of him likely in some capacity … there’s a piece of him that presumably knows that yet he will not conflict with his dad. He most likely realizes that he’s in that sort of jail and that sort of rocket transport descending and he’s in it.

“Yet, the person driving the rocket transport is his dad and he won’t remove his dad from that seat. He’s remaining in that rocket transport until it crashes or any place it cracking goes. There’s have to be a piece of him, on a close to home level, that is discouraged over that. Mentally, he needs to realize that, in some capacity and realizing that he’s in a kamikaze flight. Truly.”

“Jab to the chest, somebody tell him that,” Atlas advised. “Hey this guy’s controlling you on the outside, that’s his world. He wants to live out there. Stabilize him. Jab to the chest, you won’t miss so easily. Just stabilize him so easily. And snap your jab. Don’t push it. Little things like that. Common sense things. Go to the body. Go to the body. He’s using his legs to defeat you, or give you trouble, right?”

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