Mitsubishi Electric Classic 2022: Tee Times, Results and TV Coverage

Mitsubishi Electric Classic 2022: Tee Times, Results and TV Coverage

The 2022 Mitsubishi Electric Classic will be held in the Metro Atlanta locale from May 2 – 8, 2022. Here, you will know when, where, and how to watch the competition alongside the tee times.


The competition is anticipating having players from the PGA TOUR Champions, including Miguel Jiménez, Bernhard Langer, John Daly, Vijay Singh, Michael Weir, and Jim Furyk. Notwithstanding, while the Mitsubishi Electric Classic is perceived as a significant golf competition on the PGA TOUR Champions,

It is substantially more than a golf contest. Since its start in 2013, the occasion, which will help neighborhood associations through the Gwinnett Championship Foundation Inc., has raised more than $3 million for their advantage.

There will be an aggregate of 78 players contending in the opposition, including various past significant competition champions. Ernie Els, a double cross U.S. Open boss and four-time significant hero, as well as past Masters champions Fred Couples and Vijay Singh, will contend in the competition.

Seven World Golf Hall of Famers will contend, bringing the general number of Major victors on the PGA Tour to fourteen. As a matter of fact, previous Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz is one of the players in the competition who is an individual from the Hall of Fame from another game.

Here, you will know everything about the tournament.

Mitsubishi Electric Classic 2022 Schedule:

The competition will begin on May 6 and will go on till May 8

The competition will happen on TPC Sugarloaf – Duluth. Thus, you can watch the competition effectively from the setting on the off chance that you are somebody from the area. The setting has a length of 7179 yards and 72 standards.

How to Watch Mitsubishi Electric Classic on TV in 2022?

Golf Channel will communicate the Mitsubishi Electric Classic on their TV. They will cover the competition from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. The channel will cover every one of the three days of the competition. In this way, if you need to watch the competition on your TV, you should buy into the golf feed quick.

The authority real time feature of the Golf Channel, will show the live stream of the Mitsubishi Electric Classic to the golf fans. In the event that you as of now have a digital TV association, it will be liberated from cost, any other way, you should pay additional cash for it.

Mitsubishi Electric Classic Tee times:
Time Hole Players
7:30 AM 1 Terry Hatch, Jeff Williams
7:39 AM 1 Heath Davis, Ian Doig
7:49 AM 1 David Mckinzie (a), Stevie Anderson, Jeffrey Epstein
7:58 AM 1 Hee Jun Kang
8:08 AM 1 Ted Fort, Mark Anderson
8:17 AM 1 Chris Hockaday, Shouting Huang, Jesús Armando Amaya Contreras
8:27 AM 1 Sam Phomvongsa, David Noto
8:36 AM 1 Amandeep Johl, Jason Widener
8:46 AM 1 Alan McLean, Hyun Joong Baik, Neil Thompson
8:55 AM 1 Dean Arnett, Brett Taunton, Willie Youmans (a)
9:05 AM 1 Marion Dantzler, Bill Breen
9:14 AM 1 John Van Wart, David Plumb, Charles King
9:24 AM 1 Scott Pieri, Donn Perno, Skip Taylor
9:33 AM 1 Michael McGee (a), Rick Van de Water (a)
9:53 AM 1 David Cooke, Jae Lee, Lamar Gresham (a)
10:02 AM 1 Dennis Hendershott, Fonzie alfonso Zapata (a)
10:12 AM 1 Edward Bannister (a)
10:21 AM 1 Don Carpenter III (a), Paul Parlane, Brett Thomas (a)
10:31 AM 1 Gareth Edwards, Scott Curiel
10:40 AM 1 Garry Lindsay (a), Jeffrey Bird
10:50 AM 1 Jason Keeffe, Scott Allen
10:59 AM 1 Grant Downey, Jeff Lyons
11:09 AM 1 Edward Hollis (a), Jayson Ray
11:18 AM 1 Steve Schneiter, Kevin Baker
11:28 AM 1 Michael Butler, Rafael Faustino Gomez
11:37 AM 1 Sath Nop, Jody Bellflower
11:47 AM 1 Chris Gum, Greg Newberry, Brian Puterbaugh


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