MLB Power Rankings for Week 3: Rockies Continue to Defy Expectations

MLB Power Rankings for Week 3: Rockies Continue to Defy Expectations

It could be from the get-go in the season yet this previous week has a solid possibility being the most intriguing seven day stretch of the 2022 MLB season toward the year’s end. Miguel Cabrera outperformed 3,000 hits, five games were deferred, and eight games saw a group score at least 10 runs, most outstandingly found in the Cubs’ 21-0 cavort over the Pirates. With such a lot of going on, how about we separate it as refreshed MLB Power Rankings.

Week 3 MLB Power Rankings
1) Los Angeles Dodgers (11-4) (Previous: 1)

The Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t have a troublesome timetable this week, yet no week is “troublesome” when you’re the Dodgers. Los Angeles got back at Atlanta for last season’s NLCS by taking two of three games. The Dodgers likewise took two of three from their adversary Padres and as exhausting as it could be, now appear to be a lock for the end of the season games and reasonable basically the NLCS once more. This group is simply excessively great and will hope to demonstrate it again this week against the humble Diamondbacks and Tigers. Search for them to remain on the MLB Power Rankings for a surprisingly long time.

2) New York Mets (12-5) (3)

Early this previous week the Mets got their most memorable genuine test as the San Francisco Giants. The Mets took three of four and it was no accident by the same token. The Mets would likewise take two of three from Arizona to end the week and this group doesn’t appear to be encountering the headache that different groups for the most part do with such countless new pieces in the clubhouse. The inquiry as consistently for the Mets anyway will be if they can stay predictable for the whole season.

3) San Francisco Giants (11-5) (2)

The San Francisco Giants may have just made the acquisition of the year again this past offseason, landing free agent outfielder Joc Pederson for just $6 million on a one-year deal. With his two homers on Sunday, Pederson is now hitting .364 with five homers and eight RBIs. If he and Belt can continue to even hit just .280 this San Francisco offense will be a real problem for opposing teams.

4) St. Louis Cardinals (9-5) (5)

The St. Louis Cardinals are to the MLB as Villanova is to men’s school b-ball. The Cardinals again have a strong group together and consistently appear to be in the main part of season finisher conflict. St. Louis may not be pretty much as garish as they used to be, however they are as yet a strong ball club this year. The Cardinals took two of three from both Miami and Cincinnati however have a major test right on time one week from now against the Mets.

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5) Toronto Blue Jays (10-6) (7)

This week was an early test for the Blue Jays and they passed with flying colors. They dispatched the Red Sox and Astros in two of their three matchups respectively. The most impressive thing of the week however was Toronto holding their opponents to just 18 runs over six games. After an abysmal start from their pitching staff, it looks like Toronto could be starting to find their groove on the mound.

6) Colorado Rockies (10-5) (8)

The NL West was at that point the hardest division in baseball before the Rockies chose to play winning ball too. Colorado put everything in order and won four of six against the Phillies and Tigers this week. C.J. Cron is ablaze right now as he has previously pounded six homers and driven in 17 runs. It’s an odd equation to progress for the Rockies however in the event that Kris Bryant can begin hitting a few bombs too, the Rockies might have the greatest circle back in the MLB this year.

7) New York Yankees (10-6) (13)

However much I’d very much want to knock the New York Yankees down an indent for deliberately strolling Miguel Cabrera sitting on hit number 2,999 or for their fans tossing objects at Cleveland’s players, their outcomes aren’t allowing that to occur. New York took two of three from Detroit and cleared Cleveland at home. Beginning pitcher Nestor Cortes has been an arising star from the get-go. While he has no choices yet, Cortes has an ERA of simply 1.15 and a K/BB proportion of 8.3 in 15 2/3 innings of work.

8) San Diego Padres (10-7) (14)

The San Diego Padres might be a season finisher group this year however they do in any case, tragically, fall in the shadow of San Francisco and Los Angeles up to this point. Subsequent to clearing the modest Reds, the Padres did well to try and take one of three from the Dodgers. On the off chance that the Padres can deliver like this without star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., they ought to have the option to make a genuine run at the NL Central crown this season and could keep on ascending in the MLB Power Rankings.

9) Seattle Mariners (10-6) (18)

While there is as yet quite far to go before the Seattle Mariners end their 20-year season finisher dry spell, they went on in the correct bearing this previous week. Seattle took two of three from the Rangers prior to clearing Kansas City. Ty France might be the most sizzling player in the MLB right currently hitting .356 with four homers and 17 RBIs. In the event that Seattle can enhance their .237 group batting normal, they might have a genuine shot at taking the AL West crown in 2022.

10) Milwaukee Brewers (10-6) (19)

Nothing awakens the Milwaukee Brewers like playing the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Brewers have devoured the Pirates for more than 10 years, at one point beating the Pirates in 17 straight games. This week, they utilized predominant pitching and barely enough offense to clear the Pirates in their three-game series. Albeit a late breakdown on Friday finished their four-game series of wins, the Crew took the last two games against the Phillies. The Brewers have won six of their last seven and have surrendered multiple runs only once in their last six games, prompting their leap in the MLB Power Rankings.

11) Los Angeles Angels (9-7) (10)
12) Tampa Bay Rays (9-7) (12)
13) Minnesota Twins (8-8) (23)
14) Oakland Athletics (9-8) (16)
15) Pittsburgh Pirates (8-8) (17)
16) Houston Astros (7-8) (9)
17) Chicago White Sox (6-9) (4)
18) Boston Red Sox (7-9) (6)
19) Miami Marlins (7-8) (24)
20) Cleveland Guardians (7-8) (21)
21) Chicago Cubs (7-9) (11)
22) Atlanta Braves (7-10) (15)
23) Philadelphia Phillies (6-10) (20)
24) Detroit Tigers (6-9) (22)
25) Baltimore Orioles (6-10) (29)
26) Texas Rangers (5-9) (27)
27) Arizona Diamondbacks (6-10) (28)
28) Kansas City Royals (5-9) (26)
29) Washington Nationals (6-12) (25)
30) Cincinnati Reds (3-13) (30)

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