Kobe Bryant Reveals He Once Tried to Recruit Dirk Nowitzki to Lakers

Kobe Bryant Reveals He Once Tried to Recruit Dirk Nowitzki to Lakers

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Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki have been clashing in the Western Conference since the time Nowitzki entered the NBA back in 1998.

On the off chance that the Black Mamba had gotten his direction a couple of years back, in any case, the two establishment foundations might have collaborated to attempt to bring home a few titles together in purple and gold.

Bryant (20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers) and Nowitzki (18 years with the Dallas Mavericks) have spent their whole professions playing for only one association. Both have had chances to leave through free organization however concluded steadfastness to their individual groups was simply excessively solid.

That kept the two future Hall of Famers from ever playing together outside of All-Star Weekend.

During his All-Star media session in Toronto on Friday, Bryant revealed that he once let then-free agent Nowitzki know he would love to have him in Los Angeles. While he knew what the answer was going to be, the Black Mamba still felt it was worth a shot.

Though it’s great to see professional athletes spend their careers with one team, we can’t help but wonder what could have been had Bryant and Nowitzki joined forces.

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