2023 Broncos Draft Picks Watch: Denver loses again, Russell Wilson suffers concussion

2023 Broncos Draft Picks Watch: Denver loses again, Russell Wilson suffers concussion

The Denver Horses (3-10) put forth quite an attempt to revitalize from 27-0 down against the Kansas City Bosses, however in the end the Bosses held tight for a 34-28 street win that sees them draw one stage nearer to wrapping up another AFC West title.

We have done a ton of these “Haha Horses lose” posts as a facetious kind of arrangement yet the draft pick circumstance to the side, the tale of this game as it connects with Seattle Seahawks fans is the terrifying blackout that Russell Wilson endured as he attempted to lead his group to an unsurpassed rebound triumph.

Down 34-21, Wilson mixed for a first down and was hit from behind by previous Seahawks colleague Straightforward Clark and was plainly in an extremely woozy state down on the turf at the Kansas City 1-yard line. The eyes let you know all that you want to be familiar with what injury Wilson had. I will caution you that this video is difficult to observe however fortunately it doesn’t autoplay.

CBS later got Wilson with a bunch on the right half of his head. Clearly, Wilson was precluded with a blackout and didn’t return. Brett Rypien came in and tossed a score pass to Jerry Jeudy, who had a full go-around of TDs on the night. While the Mustangs transformed two of Patrick Mahomes’ three captures into hostile scores, the last pick was countered by a game-finishing pick by Rypien.

Wilson completed the day 23/36 for 247 yards, 3 scores, and a get six tossed on a heads play by Willie Gay, who tipped the ball to himself on fourth and 1 and ran it back the alternate method for giving the Bosses that 27-0 lead. Russell was likewise sacked multiple times behind a preseason quality Old, so he was getting hammered even before the blackout. Around here’s basically a positive feature of him getting to encounter the delight of one of those “screen pass scores” thingies…

On the Kansas City side, Patrick Mahomes could have had those turnovers yet he additionally did Mahomes things like this…

Draft Pick Status: Tankathon says the Broncos’ 2023 first-round pick, which belongs to the Seattle Seahawks as part of the Wilson trade, is 2nd overall based on the strength of schedule tiebreaker with the Chicago Beras.

Up next: Denver stays at home to take on the Arizona Cardinals (4-8). I don’t know the extent of Wilson’s concussion but it is very possible today was Russ’ final game of an incredibly difficult first season with the Broncos. Keep in mind that he had a horrible concussion back at NC State that led to him leaving the field in an ambulance, and during his time in Seattle, there were a couple of notable instances where a concussion was possible but never confirmed. What happened in Denver today was definitely a concussion and you hate to see that happen.

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