Bermuda SailGP 2022: Schedule, Preview, how to watch, location and TV Coverage

Bermuda SailGP 2022: Schedule, Preview, how to watch, location and TV Coverage

Sail Grand Prix will begin their season three first occasion with the 2022 Bermuda SailGP. Simply in a couple of hours, the boat will go into the ocean to begin the race. The sea is calling the drivers to start one of the most exciting race occasions on the planet.

Here we will discuss the timetable, how to live stream and how to watch on TV alongside a review.





TV Channel: CBS





The Bermuda SailGP 2022 season is all set in progress. All the groundwork for the race is finished. The boats are hearing the horns of the sea. Before long the best cruising drivers on the planet will begin the most perilous dashing on the planet.

This will be the third time of Sail Grand Prix. Simply in three seasons, it became one of the most famous dashing occasions in the entire world. This year could be the fourth time of the competition yet in 2020, the competition deferred its race and rescheduled the occasions. Reason for the Covid-19 pandemic they needed to change the dashing preparation. This year there will be 10 occasions. The primary occasion will begin with Bermuda SailGP.

From the start, the leading body of the SailGP remembered to carry a few changes to the competition. Among their choices, one of the significant changes was they settled to bring 10 boats for season three. Be that as it may, sadly in the last minutes, they needed to pull out the choice.

9 boats are completely prepared to cruise. Also, one boat is still under development. In the event that it was finished, we could see a considerably seriously exciting race.

Japan got unfortunate in the third time of Sail Grand prix. They neglected to take part in the race as the 10th boat isn’t as yet ready. There will be another group in the competition. Canada will make their most memorable SailGP race with Bermuda occasions. What’s more, Australia is pundits’ #1 decision in competitions. They are prepared to successfully guard their title.

Bermuda SailGP 2022 Schedule:
  • The SailGP is scheduled to play from May 14 to May 15, 2022.
  • Tournament start time Saturday May 14, 4:30 p.m. ET | Sunday May 15, 9:30 p.m. ET.

There will be an aggregate of six races in the occasion. The principal day will have three races and on the subsequent day, there will be two additional races. Furthermore, the last day is reserved for the last race.

How to Watch Bermuda SailGP on TV and Online in 2022:

CBS has the telecom right of Bermuda SailGP in 2022. They will communicate the occasion in the USA. What’s more, Sky Sports is the authority telecaster of the competition in the UK.

There are so ways accessible to watch the occasion online from anyplace you need.

UK fans can live stream the Bermuda SailGP with Sky Sports’ web-based network stage. All the Sky Sports media will have full inclusion of occasion.

Furthermore, fans from the USA can stream the occasion with Fubo TV. Kayo Sports and Foxtel will communicate the 2022 Bermuda Sail Grand Prix in Australia.

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