OM-PAOK incidents: the police headquarters will report to UEFA

OM-PAOK incidents: the police headquarters will report to UEFA

After the Om and PAOK episodes uninvolved of the match, the European football establishment chose to respond.

UEFA opened a disciplinary examination on Friday against Olympique de Marseille and PAOK Thessaloniki after episodes between allies of the two clubs uninvolved of their quarter-last first leg of the Europa League Conference on Thursday.

Against OM, the European body holds the tossing of shots, smoke, swarm developments, and the hindering of public sections, all breaks of the wellbeing rules accommodated by its disciplinary code.

Against the Greek club, beaten 2-1, UEFA will research the tossing of articles, the utilization of smoke, harm, and group developments, and will go with a choice “at the appropriate time,” said its articulation.

Source: france24

As soon as Wednesday evening, episodes occurred in Marseille between Greek fans and OM fans. They forged ahead with Thursday before start off, then inside the Velodrome Stadium.

Greek fans tossed shots and seats onto the pitch, while PAOK and OM fans tossed smoke and fireworks at one another over the wellbeing nets.

Marseille fans likewise sent off firecrackers toward the Greek parking garage, and strong blasts of fireworks sounded. A short group development occurred at the lower part of the corner, and the police interceded with nerve gas toward the Greek fans.

Twelve individuals were captured, and the police prefecture evoked around thirty harmed cops on Thursday evening, the majority of them marginally.

On Friday, UEFA additionally opened a disciplinary examination against Atlético Madrid, after its quarter-last misfortune to Manchester City (1-0) in England, for biased conduct and tossing shots.

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